Studio Policies

Our policies are in place to provide your child with the best in dance education. We do our best to keep things running smoothly and provide a safe environment for our students. Please refer to the below policies and if you have questions, please contact us!

  • Arrive on time: Please do your best to arrive early. Remind students to use the bathroom prior to class to avoid disrupting class for bathroom visits or accidents. This allows students time to get ready and not miss valuable class time warming up. Students who are more than 10 minutes late will be asked to sit and observe. 
  • Attendance: To ensure the student’s progress, please make every effort to attend each class. In the event that your child is sick or unable to attend please call or text the office or email us to let us know, including the reason for the absence. 
  • Observing: Parents are invited to use the viewing windows to observe class. We ask that parents do not enter the dance class for any reason. If you have a question for the teacher, you can leave a message with the front office and have the teacher contact you. This ensures a smooth and timely transition between classes.
  • Behavior: Please treat our studio as if it were your home (i.e. pick up after yourself, your children, and your guests; monitor your children not in class; do not stand on chairs or put feet on walls, etc.). Any person (student or parent) who shows negative or disrespectful behavior, including but not limited to poor sportsmanship, rude and/or aggressive comments toward any other person may be asked to leave and could lead to termination. We want a safe and fun environment for our students. Students should not be in a studio space without an adult.
  • Food/Beverages: Light and healthy snacks (i.e. fruit, vegetables, granola bars, etc.) are allowed by our students and encouraged if a student is in multiple classes. Water is the only beverage permitted in class. The only place food is permitted is our lobby. No gum is permitted in class.
  • Sickness: Please refrain from bringing your child to dance if they are sick with a contagious illness.  Any children showing symptoms of illness including fever or cough may be asked to be picked up for the safety of our other students. Please call or email the studio if you will be missing class.
  • Safety/Security: The safety of our students is very important to us. We ask that you are prompt to pick your child up from class and call the studio if you are going to be late. All students are required to wait inside the building for their ride. Please park and come in to pick up your child. For our late evening classes we often lock the outside door for safety reasons, however if you need to come in for any reason please use the doorbell.
  • Inclement weather: Our students and staffs’ safety is very important to us. We will notify you via email/phone if classes are cancelled and post on our social media pages.

Dress codes vary by class including proper shoes and attire. 

For all classes, hair must be pulled back neat and secure. Hair in a bun for all ballet classes and a ponytail for other classes is acceptable. Having your hair fixed and all necessary items is part of the discipline of becoming a good dancer. 

Please note that all dance attire can be purchased within our office. Shoe colors vary by brand so we ask that you purchase the brand we supply so that all are the same shade.

Creative Movement: Pink tights, solid colored leotard with or without attached skirt, pink leather ballet shoes.

Combos: Pink tights, solid colored leotard with or without attached skirt, pink leather ballet shoes, black tie-up tap shoes or tan slip on jazz shoes depending on the class.

Ballet: Black leotard, pink footed or convertible tights, pink leather split sole shoes, optional ballet skirt

Tap: Solid colored leotard, pink or tan tights, optional black leggings or shorts. Tap shoes will be black tie-up patent leather for grades 3k-3rd and black leather lace up shoes for grades 4th and up. If you are unsure about which shoes, please contact the office.

Jazz: Solid colored leotard, pink or tan tights, optional black leggings or shorts. Tan slip on jazz shoes. 

Acro: Solid colored leotard, pink or tan footless or convertible tights, optional black leggings or shorts. Tights are mandatory. Bare feet.

Cheer dance: Solid colored leotard, pink or tan tights, black shorts and SODA spirit shirt. White cheer shoes available in our office. 

Hip Hop: Solid colored leotard, pink or tan tights, or fitted workout top and leggings. Hip hop pop top shoes are available in our office.

Lyrical: Solid colored leotard, pink or tan tights, or fitted workout top and leggings. Nude colored elastosplit ballet shoes. 

Adult classes: Properly fitted workout attire is acceptable for all adult classes. For tap you will need black lace up tap shoes, ballet you will need pink split sole ballet shoes (canvas or leather), zumba will need sneakers, and barre fitness/yoga are barefoot.

Boys dress code: Black jazz pants (or similar) and a plain white, semi fitted t-shirt or studio shirt.

Please note class schedule is subject to change.

Student Calendar 2020-2021

August 17 (Monday)First Day of Class
September 1September Tuition Due
September 7 (Monday)Labor Day Holiday
October 1October Tuition, Costume Deposit and Recital Fee Due
October 12 – 16Students Measured for Costumes
November 1November Tuition Due
November 23 – 27Thanksgiving Holiday
December 1December Tuition Due
December 21 – January 3Winter Break
January 1January Tuition Due
January 4 (Monday)Dance Classes Resume
January 18 (Monday)Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 1February Tuition and Costume Balance Due
March 1March Tuition Due
April 1April And May Tuition Due
April 3 – 10Spring Break
May 1 – 2Picture Weekend at SODA
May 10 – 14Recital Week at PAC

The Studio observes the following public school holidays only: 

Labor Day


Winter Break

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Spring Break

The Studio is OPEN for classes on Teacher In-Service days and all other public school holidays – including half days – so that dancers are not shorted on classes.

For our monthly tuition scale please email


  • Tuition will be billed monthly. Payment is due on the 1st  of each month with the exception of April/May – those will be due on April 1. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged any fees the first day of each month.
  • This schedule is on a “per child” basis.  A discount of 40% will be given for the 2nd child.  For the third child (or more), a 50% discount will be given. 
  • All accounts must be paid in full (tuition, costumes and other fees) prior to receiving your costume(s) for the year end recital. 
  • All fees and tuition are non-refundable.  
  • Students are expected to remain enrolled for the entire dance season and are considered enrolled with tuition due until the office is notified in writing by Parent/Guardian.  
  • Withdrawals will be effective at the end of the month of notification.  
  • If a class is dropped after costumes are ordered, the dancer will be billed for the costume as they are not returnable.  
  • There will be no credit extended or refunds issued for missed lessons. Our schedule factors in 3 days for inclement weather or other emergency closures per class. These classes will not be made up unless we exceed those days.

OVERDUE ACCOUNTS:  Any account with an error in method of payment on file must be paid by the 10th of the month or will be charged a $10.00 late fee.  For any accounts overdue by 3 months, you will be asked to withdraw from classes.

Returned checks will  incur a $30.00 service charge. 

All our students will perform in our end of the year recital! We love to see our students show what the learned throughout the year and celebrate the end of the dance season with family and friends.

Recital is held the week of May 11-15th at the Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center. The recital schedule will be finalized in early spring.

A costume deposit of $85/per student and recital fee ($15 for individual student or $20 for family) are due October 1st. Remaining balances for additional costumes are due February 1st.

All accounts must be paid in full to receive your costumes and perform in recital.

*Our 2 yrs and under classes and adult fitness classes do not perform in recital.